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Advanced user acquisition automation is the best gift for your revenue growth

Vladyslav Strykun
CMO at Headway

“We saw the effect of using AdBraze a couple of days after implementation. For us, a considerable amount of freed up time became one of the keys to further growth.”

Vladyslav Strykun
CMO at Headway

Exceptional performance marketing process in one place

This is what a perfect user acquisition platform looks like. Designers, performance managers, tasks, creatives, ad platforms, bids and analytics come together to help your business scale faster.

Advanced analytical dashboards

Visualize your campaigns by funnel stages and get quick performance insights. Monitor metrics by time period graphs to get a better optimization dynamics overview.

Reasons to use AdBraze platform

Saving up to 80% of workload
Bam! And your user acquisition team is all about generating new ideas and strategies to test. AdBraze cuts all the routine tasks for them.
Fixed cost on marketing team
You don’t need to expand your marketing budget and hire new people to continue growing. It’s like having your performance team cloned.
Ad analytics
Scaling is fun when you can manage, launch and track metrics within one platform. Thus you can make descisions faster and scale your ads right away.

Make data-driven descisions your core value

Trace KPI metrics
The structured data about all team members is here for you to be aware of each manager’s effectiveness. Thus you can provide timely and quality feedback.
Determine top-performing
creatives SOON
All statistical data is conveniently devided by creatives and text. Find your most outstanding creatives faster to easily modify, upgrade, and launch their variations.
Scaling with AdBraze might look like this:
in Lifestyle App Store ranking
profit growth
decrease in test cost
Anna Khoma CMO at Nebula
How Nebula became #1 Lifestyle App with AdBraze

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