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Michael Grynets
CEO at PlantIn

“Communication between user acquisition and production was always a timely challenge.

With AdBraze we've improved twice the delivery of our ads. We can test more than 200 unique ad creatives per day with no effort”

Michael Grynets
CEO at PlantIn

How can I use AdBraze as a creative manager?

Manage creative team

Streamline the workflow, manage all the tasks and get feedback at one place with kanban board.

Task Manager will let you handle the performance of both in-house and remote team members.

Analyze creative performance easily SOON

Highlight the creative concepts that demonstrate results and prioritize them over the existing backlog.

Built-in analytics will let you see the whole picture and make best decisions for your product.

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Smooth and intuitive implementation process will allow you to
improve the workflow seamlessly.

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Nebula’s goal

To occupy the leading position on the market

“AdBraze effectively speeds up the routine media buying process, saving up time and resources for more complicated, strategic tasks.”
Anna Khoma
CMO at Nebula

How Nebula became
#1 Lifestyle App
with AdBraze

*Nebula app has 16M users all over the world

Nebula’s goal

To occupy the leading position on the market


Anna was one of the first AdBraze clients as she knew our CEO Oleksandr personally and she also was inspired by his approach to automating processes. So considering her business situation Anna decided to give AdBraze a chance and see what good would come out of it.

Nebula started the AdBraze trial in February 2020 and got their first results really fast. They tested x3 more creatives than average before, test cost decreased by 45%, and increased ad volume by 250%.


in Lifestyle App Store ranking
profit growth
decrease in test cost


Can i try first?

Sure! We provide you with a 7-day trial period so that you’d have an opportunity to give AdBraze a test. If you need more time to evaluate the tool, we’re always open to discussion. Just let us know, and we’ll make a short trial extension for you and your team.

Does the trial have any limitations?

Nope, no limitations. Our 7-day trial period lets you access all the features available on the platform, including even new beta features we launch continuously.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel any time by contacting us. Just let our team know, and we’ll deactivate your subscription. You’ll still have access to your profile in case you’d wish to resume.

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