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Campaign management software bold enough to optimize 80% of your routine tasks

Mariia Shapran
Performance Marketing Specialist at Zodi

“Thanks to AdBraze, our marketing team set up a productive workflow of testing and scaling campaigns, which helped to increase ROI in a short time.”

Mariia Shapran
Performance Marketing Specialist at Zodi

Your best-performing campaign
templates are at hand

Save your selected campaign settings along with audiences and bid strategies to apply them for new campaigns. No additional effort is needed.

Edit templates and add new ones without any limits and save time for strategic tasks.

Cross-platform launch of a single campaign

Select any account and any platform to launch your campaign from a single place.

Reasons to use AdBraze campaign automation

Multiple ad accounts
Add unlimited quantity of ad accounts. You only need one account to automate performance for all your projects and clients.
Customizable templates
AdBraze lets you create easy-to-use campaign and name templates so you could test creatives and scale faster with top-performing settings, texts and headlines.
Mass setup
Our campaign management software allows you to apply your best practices to the whole range of campaigns in a second.
Anna Khoma CMO at Nebula
BTW, Templates was one of the key features Nebula app used to gain 400% profit growth

Find top-performing creatives x2 faster

Dropbox and Google Drive sync
You won’t need to do the double job anymore, downloading and uploading tons of creatives. AdBraze allows you integrate with storages directly.
Task manager
The ultimate performance marketing kanban board to optimize creative production and feedback on the best performing creatives. Marketing campaign management software developed specifically for user acquisition.

Pre-launch draft campaigns

Seasonal or event-based campaigns? Plan future activities, save drafts, and launch on time even if you're on vacation. Now your colleagues can also access your pre-launched campaigns.

Switch products in a blink of an eye

Optimize campaigns within different operational systems faster. Test on Android and duplicate same campaign settings for iOS 14.5 in 2 clicks.

Name templates

Want to test multiple creatives or audiences with similar ad texts? AdBraze helps you not to get lost in this chaos of campaigns and ad sets by simply creating name templates that you can apply in a second.

Make campaign launching
process satisfying

7-day free trial
30 min onboarding session