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Can I try it first?
Sure! We provide you with a 7-day trial period so that you’d have an opportunity to give AdBraze a test. If you need more time to evaluate the tool, we’re always open to discussion. Just let us know, and we’ll make a short trial extension for you and your team.
What is a "monthly ad spend?"
Monthly ad spend is the amount of money you plan to spend on ads per month. In the case of AdBraze, it sums up across all the platforms you use within the tool: Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc.
Does the trial have any limitations?
Nope, no limitations. Our 7-day trial period lets you access all the features available on the platform, including even new beta features we launch continuously.
How do I get charged?
As soon as you decide to move on with one of our monthly packages or custom solutions, contact our sales team to pick up the most convenient payment option for your business.
How can I cancel?
You can cancel any time by contacting us. Just let our team know, and we’ll deactivate your subscription. You’ll still have access to your profile in case you’d wish to resume.
What happens to my presets, custom audiences, rules and reports when the trial ends?
All your account’s data stay in your profile and are accessible at any time. The end of the trial only disables your ability to launch ads and use features.
What if my ad spend exceeds my plan's limits?
The overspend gets you charged by a certain amount that varies from 0,5 to 2%. Still, we are very flexible and are ready to consider custom options that are most convenient for your business. You can find more info about overspending on our pricing page or contact us for more details.
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