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How Zodi app got 3x return on ad spend with AdBraze

return on ad spend
increase in ad spend
increase in revenues
Thanks to AdBraze, our marketing team set up a productive workflow of testing and scaling campaigns, which helped to increase ROI in a short time.
Mariia Shapran
Performance Marketing Specialist at Zodi
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About brand

Zodi is an astrological app with the most accurate and personalized predictions.It has connected more than 250k astrology enthusiasts around the world.

Using AdBraze since September 2021.

5 members in performance team.

Zodi` s goal
To increase in revenue and return on ad spend


Mariia and her team were looking for new solutions to scale the app on Facebook as one of the ways to increase revenue. But they have faced a very straightforward problem - there were not enough resources to generate, test, and optimize multiple upcoming campaigns. Each day performance team spent 4 to 6 hours on operational manual tasks, leaving no time for scaling.


Zodi required an advertising automation platform that would allow them to launch campaigns and align a whole workflow at one place. After testing out a few other options, Mariia and her team decided to go further with AdBraze, mostly because of task manager feature.

They’ve implemented AdBraze smoothly into their marketing process in September 2021 and started getting first results in less than a month.

Using a combination of Task Manager to deliver creatives and Campaign Templates to boost acquisition productivity, Zodi got from 1350 installs per day in August to 7500 installs per day in September.

Source: Appsflyer

The number of trials within the app got from 20 - 130 per day in August to 50 - 950 per day in September.

Source: SensorTower


Within a month of using AdBraze, Zodi had increased its performance marketing productivity. Mariia and her team were able to reach their business goal of scaling Zodi on Facebook with efficient automation:

return on ad spend
increase in ad spend
increase in revenues

Key features used

Task Manager

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