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How Headway got 80% revenue growth with AdBraze

time cut down on creative launch
more creatives tested
revenue growth
AdBraze is a must-have tool for each performance marketing team that is data-driven and aims for efficiency.
Daryna Protsyshyn
User Acquisition Team Lead at Headway
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About brand

Headway is the app created by readers for readers to provide every person on Earth with an easy way to learn and get knowledge

Using AdBraze since Dec 2020

8 members of the user acquisition team

9 members of creative & production team

Headway’s goal
To optimize and automate the process of creatives launch


Daryna and her team saw the time spent on launching creatives was continuously growing simultaneously with business growth. It also consumed the efforts of user acquisition managers inefficiently and limited the creative strategy. As a result, it all were leading to missing market opportunities for Headway growth.


AdBraze allowed Headway to shorten the time spent on launching, managing, and scaling campaigns. They have redistributed saved time to the search for creative solutions.

As a result, Daryna’s team became able to test more creatives in less time, thus, diversifying their creative strategy, acquiring a new audience, and lowering the risks of creative fatigue.

Simultaneously Headway user acquisition managers focused on performance marketing tests and deep dive into ad technology, as now they do not need to spend tens of hours on launching campaigns. It all led to raising the efficiency of the acquisition process.

“Last but not least, it helps us to scale enormously quickly and systematically which was even more important during high season where quick response to the market conditions costs x10.” - says Daryna.


time cut down on creative launch
more creatives tested
revenue growth

Key features used

Task Manager

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