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Facebook Business Suite vs. Business Manager vs. Creator Studio

Facebook Business Suite vs. Business Manager vs. Creator Studio


If you regularly work with Facebook ads, you probably noticed that opportunities and functionality for posting, advertising, and interacting with your audience are constantly growing. It can even sometimes be complicated to catch up on all of them. In this article, we're going to abolish your hesitation and clarify which of the three tools you should use as for 2022.

If you have ever been baffled by the variety of instruments Facebook offers, don't worry, you're not the only one. The most contradictory and debated topic is which tool is most valuable: Facebook Business Suite, Business Manager, or Creator Studio. The first one was released in September 2020, causing much confusion among users about how they should apply it and what's the remaining purpose of the other two.

So today, we're going to put some order in the chaos and finally clarify which tool is best to use for now.

Facebook Business Suite overview

Business Suite was released in 2020 to substitute the Page Manager. Its main aim was to unify all the communication with followers, including interaction on posts and private messages. As for now, it has considerably broadened its functionality. The newly-titled Meta Business Suite now lets you conveniently manage Facebook and Instagram pages in one place.

Here are the benefits Meta Business Suite can offer you:

  • Managing mobile and desktop. The convenient multi-device interface allows you to manage pages wherever you go.
  • Activity view. See your page's updates about likes, comments, reposts, and other activities.
  • Ability to post. You can post and schedule posts and stories on your Facebook and Instagram.
  • Updated Home view. See any updates about your recent posts and ads in the “Home” window.
  • Unified Inbox. Have all your messages and comments in one place. The functionality also allows you to create automated responses.
  • Creating new ads. You can create ads or promote your page. Besides, you can see all the metrics on your ads inside this tool.
  • Access additional tools. Business Suite allows easy navigation to other tools and settings you may use to manage your processes. From the "All Tools" bar, you can go to Ads Manager, Audience, Billing, Ads Reporting, etc.

Facebook has officially stated that it wants to make Business Suite "the main interface for businesses of all sizes who use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp." So, we recommend you to start studying and using this tool, as it's likely to become the most powerful of the three.

Facebook Business Manager overview

Facebook Business Manager is the most high-level tool but also the least powerful in terms of page management. It was developed the first. Instead of focusing on communicating with an audience, it allows you to manage your page settings and assets.

Unlike Business Suite and Creator Studio, Business Manager isn't focused on content creation and communication. Instead, it's meant to manage your assets and ensure your business is set up following the best practices of Facebook. It also provides the broadest options for launching your ads.

Although switching products may be time-consuming and stressful, we recommend you do so. If you're still using Business Manager, we advise you to start studying and using the other two tools discussed in this article, as it's highly probable that Business Manager will soon be abandoned.

Facebook Creator Studio overview

Creator Studio was originally created for building and managing your video business. But now, most of its features overlap with those introduced in Business Suite. So is it still useful? The answer is yes!

Although the two have many similar features, such as the ability to see insights about your business page, create new content, and respond to messages, Creator Studio also has a number of additional functions:

  • Video launching, testing, and analysis of performance.
  • Instant Articles. The type of articles that open up directly on Facebook, thus allowing to speed up the download time by 4 times.
  • Detailed data on video posts.
  • Sound options. Exclusive sound effects and tracks are included in the tool.

Facebook Business Suite vs. Business Manager vs. Creator Studio

As we've stated before, Business Suite will likely take the stage and substitute the two other tools soon.

But it's not only about Facebook decisions; Meta Business Suite is the easy-to-use and on-the-go solution to simultaneously create, post, and control content on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

However, it's not that straightforward. Transferring from Business Manager and Creator Studio to Business Suite will definitely take some time. Besides, the two tools still contain functionality that's not available or just being tested in Business Suite. Finally, despite the fact that Business Suite was released in 2020, users are still given an option to switch back to more usual instruments.

So, as for now, we can predict that Business Suite is likely to win the Facebook Business Suite vs Business Manager vs Creator Studio race. But will it be so? To check it, let us dig deeper into its functionality.

So how, eventually, do you know if you currently have access to Business Suite, Business Manager, both, or none?

Your first step should be to log into

If the logo you see in the top left corner is like the one below, you automatically enter Meta Business Suite. Otherwise, you're still working with the Business Manager account.

Meta Business Suite logo

If you see none of those, you still need to create and set up your account. Use the "Create Account" button in the top right corner to do so.

Create an account in Meta Business Suite

The Business Suite may not be available for all users yet, but shortly, it'll become the universal tool we've all been dreaming about. It will connect publishing, page management and business tools, Facebook pixel, Commerce account, and Ad Account.

As for now, when you go to the Business Suite interface you'll see will look like this:

Business Suite interface

Here are the top exciting things you can do in a Business Suite with its current functionality:

  1. Content publishing opportunities

    Business Suite interface and content-publishing opportunities included in it

    Here you can find the functionality that's typically accessible only directly from your page. In addition, you'll also encounter some other opportunities.

    For instance, you can finally view all your Instagram posts in the form of a grid:

    Ability to view all Instagram posts in one grid with Business Suite

    Besides, you can create posts and stories, manage the old ones and schedule new activities directly in Business Suite.

    Ability to manage posts and stories through Business Suite

    From Business Suite, you can post your content on Facebook, Instagram, or both:

    The option to post content simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram

    You can also schedule the posting time:

    The ability to schedule events through Business Suite

  2. The calendar view

    Click on the "Planner" button to see all your posted and scheduled activities on Facebook and Instagram in one place:

    The „Planner„ view allows to see all the past and present activities in one place

  3. Paid ad opportunities

    Click on the "All Tools" icon at the very bottom of the left-side bar to access additional opportunities. Among other options, you'll also find advertising opportunities:

    Advertising options included in the „All Tools„ section

    This window allows you to advertise and analyze your ads' performance. You can do it in the section "Analyse and report".

    The „Analyse and report„ section allows to publish ads and view their performance

But what if you need to navigate to Business Manager? All you need is to take few easy steps.

First, click on the “Settings button” in the lower bottom corner.

The „Settings„ button in the left-side bar

Once you click on it, a new menu with several options will open. Choose the "More Business Setting" button.

The „Settings„ window and the location of the „More Business Settings„ option

It will take you directly to what you know as a Business Manager.

Business Manager window that can be accessed through Business Suite

As a summary of the comparison between the three options: Business Suite, Business Manager, and Creative Studio, below you can see a table containing their main functionalities:

  Business Suite Business Manager Creator Studio
Getting insights about business pages on Facebook and Instagram + - +
Reading and responding to messages + - +
Seeing all notifications in one place + + -
Creating and scheduling posts on Facebook and Instagram + - +
Creating ads + + -
Create diverse content types, including videos - - +
Managing all assents in one place: apps, catalogs, ad accounts, pages - + -
Managing access to diverse assents - + -
Adding payment options - + -


To sum up, Meta Business Suite will likely become the future of all users, as it will consolidate all the functionality from Business Manager and Creator Studio. It will significantly improve and simplify the workflow with the platform. So, starting learning and working with the tool today may become your best solution.

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